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Carpaneda sculptures are featured in the book Treasures Of Gay Art, a book featuring Andy Warhol, Robert Mapplethorpe, Keith Haring, and many others. 

YO - New York/NY Art Book Fair. MoMA PS1

Carpaneda Paintings Are Featured in the Book: "The Best of Punk Globe Magazine". This book includes stand-out interviews with Debbie Harry, Joe Dallesandro, Pauley Perrete and More!

CBGB - CB`s 313 Gallery 

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Gothic culture has always interested me. I got into the gothic movement in the 80's. I've always loved Siouxie and The Banshees and various bands related to the gothic movement. So far, gothic culture and punk culture are the biggest influence in my works.

The Best of Punk Globe Magazine

New Series of Miniature Paintings Depicting Male Nude and Homoerotic!

AGE 18 & OVER ONLY​! This Session of the Site is Intended For ADULTS ONLY! EXPLICIT MATERIAL! 

Seattle Erotic Art Festival.Fernando Carpaneda was named as a Juror's Choice for Visual Art at the 2016 Seattle Erotic Art Festival. 

Award-Winning Film: "The Nearest Human Being"!

Fernando Carpaneda Sculptures Appear in the Award-Winning Film, "The Nearest Human Being", Directed by Marco Coppola. The film won an award for best feature at the Manhattan Film Festival

Carpaneda art work was on display at Times Square June 18, 2012 in giant screens bright LEDs during the opening of the exhibition ART TAKES TIMES SQUARE. The scale of the exhibition was extraordinary and seen by more than half a million people.

New Series of Paintings Depicting Men, Women and Trans woman!

New Portraits is a series of paintings and drawings depicting the beauty and the sensuality of men and women. The work seeks to provoke debates and questions about equality, in the sense of valuing the human being.


Carpaneda had his works on display at CBGB`s Gallery, several times,  Back to the Bowery, The Bowery Electric Festival. A Tribute to Joey Ramone, Vinnie Wartlip Retrospective, among others.

New Series of Miniature Paintings Depicting Punks and Gothics!

Gothic culture has always interested me. I joined the Gothic movement in the 80's. I have always loved Siouxie and The Banshees and bands linked to the Gothic movement; such as Bauhaus, The Sisters of Mercy, The Cure, etc. So far, gothic culture and punk culture are the biggest influence on my work.

 My sculptures and paintings are experimental works on material and feelings. I think I can explore new possibilities sculpting the human body and new forms. I worked for 15 years with assemblages before starting sculpting and through the assemblages I became a sculptor. It was a kind of a natural process. Most of my sculptures are portraits of friends, ex-lovers, and random guys. I transform my sculptures into a kind of reliquary, where you can identify several references to the models; Phrases, poetry, human hair... I followed this path because I wanted to create works that have a consequential meaning to me and a strong connection with my models, and so, my past experiences are always present. I wish my works can reach an audience that appreciates art regardless of being gay or straight. I like to do works that do not fit into the circuit of contemporary art. I like to go against the standard imposed by art institutions. I try to escape the contemporary visual aesthetics and I prefer follow lines of works that escape this contemporary aesthetic.  My goal with my art is also to show other sides within the GLBTQ culture and society in general. By that, to open the minds of the audience to other possibilities within gay and punk art. My works speak of freedom, of being what you are, without fear of assuming your ideas and ideals. 

Times Square New York 

New series of Sculptures, Busts, Dioramas and Reinterpretations!​​

Here you can see new series of sculptures, busts, dioramas and reinterpretation made with water-based clay, human hair, wood and mixed medium.

MoMA PS1. Fernando Carpaneda painting "KEN" was published in the annual surrealist collaborative artist book YO-New York. The book will be at NY Art Book Fair @MoMA PS1. Stop by Jo Rosenthal & Friends in the zine dome, booth B25!

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Seattle Erotic Art Festival!

Fernando Carpaneda is an underground punk artist. He works with clay sculptures and paintings.