Beards - An Unshaven History Featuring Fernando Carpaneda

Esculturas de Fernando Carpaneda publicadas na Alemanha no livro do historiador Kevin Clarke. Berlim, 2013. 

Em seu novo livro, Kevin Clarke, autor best-seller de Porn - de Andy Warhol para X-Tube, mostra-nos a evolução da barda masculina desde a antiguidade até os dias de hoje, além de seu ponto de vista sobre os clones dos anos 1970 e seu retorno recente, há entrevistas, e fatos sobre barbas, bem como fotografias e obras de arte, mostrando como erótico um homem de barba pode ser.

Hardcover: 256 pagesPublisher: Bruno Gmunder Group (November 1, 2013) Language: English, GermanISBN-10: 3867876347ISBN-13: 978-3867876346. Product Dimensions: 11.2 x 8.6 x 1.4 inches.

Beards - An Unshaven History By Grady Harp HALL OF FAME TOP 100 REVIEWER VINE VOICE on October 28, 2013. Format: Hardcover Bruno Gmünder Verlag Gmbh is very well known as a purveyor and publisher of male centric books emphasizing the erotic and nude aspects of photography. This new book written by esteemed scholar Kevin Clarke whose last book ‘Porn - from Andy Warhol to X-Tube’ has been an international bestseller, focuses as much on history as on photographs and illustrations and paintings and it is the stronger for it. Clarke shows us beards from a gay perspective. In addition to his view on the clones of the 1970s and their recent return, the book includes interviews and facts about beards as well as photographs showing how erotic a man‘s beard can be. Giles Constable writes in his introduction to a modern edition of the medieval text Apologia de Barbis: “Throughout all of history, every aspect of facial hair has had its own particular meaning, and the way a man shaved his beard was a sign of the way he saw himself and was seen by others.” What, then, do the new bearded men want to look like? Walking Santa Clauses handing out presents all year round? Reborn prehistoric men who roar and screw as if they’ve watched too many episodes of Game of Thrones? A parade of would-be lumberjacks and construction workers, etc.The book is rich in timelines, in trends of types of facial hair through history and up to the moment. The written comments are interspersed through out the book, a technique that makes the book eminently more readable. This history of the beard is well groomed with both ancient images and contemporary photographs and the spectrum is incredibly large. BEARDS - AN UNSHAVEN HISTORY will please all readers – form those with a historical bent to those with a ‘like ‘em furry’ stance. It is a fun and informative and very entertaining book. Grady Harp, October 13.