Livro de Fernando Carpaneda e manifesto contra arte politicamente correta. O livro "O Anjo de Butes: Uma vida de tintas, sexo e rock'n'roll" e a autobiografia de Fernando Carpaneda, artista plastico brasileiro radicado em Nova Iorque, lancada recentemente nos Estados Unidos e que cai como uma bomba no meio artistico mais conservador do Brasil e exterior. O livro conta a trajetoria de um artista punk, saido de Taguatinga, cidade-satelite de Brasilia, e que encontra fama e reconhecimento mundial apos expor na Galeria do CBGB. Fernando descreve em detalhes sua vida no submundo das grandes metropoles (Brasilia, Sao Paulo, Londres e Nova Iorque), seu relacionamento com as drogas e suas experiencias amorosas e sexuais. Tudo regido por uma trilha sonora que vai de Ramones a Boy George.

Gender on Our Minds. Fernando Carpaneda has one of his sculptures published in Gender on Our Minds Journal by Southern Connecticut State University. Women’s Studies Program Southern Connecticut State University’s dynamic Women’s Studies Program is among the most vibrant in the state, and Southern is the only public university in New England to offer Master of Arts in Women’s Studies.  Women’s Studies offers an undergraduate minor, which aims at acquainting students with a body of knowledge and preparing them to use women’s  studies methodologies to examine and reconstruct concepts of knowledge and teaching.The minor helps prepare students for careers in law, government, journalism, social work, the arts, education, and other areas dealing directly or indirectly with women’s concerns.

Treasures Of Gay Art by Leslie Lohman Museum. By Grady Harp HALL OF FAME TOP 100 REVIEWER VINE VOICE on June 6, 2010. Throughout history there have been movements in art that stepped away from the current mode of expression and, usually under duress, opened another window for looking at nature and at mankind. For brief moments of time these movements (Pre-Raphaelite, Symbolists, Abstraction, Sauvages, etc) caused shock and disruption to only later become incorporated into the 'traditional phases' of art history. And so it is with Peter Weiermaur's impressive book TREASURES OF GAY ART. Using the collection of the Leslie/Lohman Foundation in New York, he has gathered a selection of works that fall into the category of gay art represented by artists from the very well known to the too unknown. He divides his book (including a valuable essay by James M Saslow) into sections on painting, drawings and prints, photography, and sculptures and objects - each section represented historically as to the time of the works created.The artists range form the very well known glitterati of Paul Cadmus, Jared French, Jean Cocteau, Keith Haring, George Platt Lynes, Robert Mapplethorpe, Pavel Tchelitchev, Wilhelm Von Gloeden and Andy Warhol, through the highly regarded contemporary artists such as Wes Hempel, Duane Michals, Reed Massengill, Steve Walker and so many lesser known names to the general public but equally important in the extent of this collection. The works very from academic studies of the male nude through narrative works in all media, to frankly erotic works such as the drawings of Warhol and the illustrations of Touko Laaksonen (better known as Tom of Finland).The quality of layout and design is first class, and the presentation of the book marks it as an important addition to the catalogues of art movements. In time this book will be an indispensable part of the documenting the development of an avenue of art too long hidden from public display and for that fact alone it is an important publication. Grady Harp, June 2010. 

The new book, as the unparalleled collection of conspicuously gay art debuts in print for the first time. The publication was guided by renowned curator Peter Weiermair exclusively for The Foundation. Paintings, sculptures, drawings, water colours, photographs and prints from Jean Cocteau to Andy Warhol. The book include works of Neel Bate, Keith Haring, Charles Henry Ford, Andy Warhol, Robert W. Richards, Fernando Carpaneda and many other artists.

Ginger Coyote created Punk Globe Magazine in August 1977. She had seen a copy of the British fanzine Sniffing Glue and thought "Hey, I should do this!" San Francisco only had two music magazines and if you were not part of their clic, you got no exposure. Not only did she want to help underdog bands, she wanted to include people who attended the shows-sometimes they were the real entertainment. She also wanted to involve television and film. So in a way, Punk Globe Magazine was the original People Magazine. After the first couple of years the zine went from Xerox, to newsprint, to heavy stock, and eventually migrated to the Internet. 38 years later the magazine is still going strong with readers all over the world. This book includes stand-out interviews, together with brilliant photographs. Spotlighting a selection from the 38 years Punk Globe has been around - The Best of Punk Globe.

Wilde Magazine was founded in 2012 with the goal of offering a queer perspective on life through art and writing. We are a bi-annual publication, available in both print and digital formats. We seek to not only offer a high-quality publication of art and literature, but to foster a communal and multimedia experience. Art and writing, culture itself, is not a mere showcase of talent, but rather a discussion. The nature of queer life, as well as an artistic life, is one centered around community. It's essential in our creative abilities and our rise against adversity. This struggle has been documented by gay artists and writers before us, such as the very one after which this magazine is christened - Oscar Wilde. We rely on your submissions for our success. We are nothing without the contribution of your voice to this ongoing discussion.

The Sticker Art Project was created in 2013 with the introduction of the Baby Punk Sticker! "Baby Punk" was inspired by the photo of me holding little boy Joey. The photo was taken by his mom, Martina Secondo Russo. Since the inception of Baby Punk Sticker, several people have joined in world wide. The Baby Punk Sticker is pasted in many countries...Thanks to all who support this project! A special thanks to my Russian Punk friend for making the sticker iconic on Russian monuments.The project continues! New photos of the sticker are being cataloged for the production of a second book.

Beards - An Unshaven History By Grady Harp HALL OF FAME TOP 100 REVIEWER VINE VOICE on October 28, 2013. Format: Hardcover Bruno Gmünder Verlag Gmbh is very well known as a purveyor and publisher of male centric books emphasizing the erotic and nude aspects of photography. This new book written by esteemed scholar Kevin Clarke whose last book ‘Porn - from Andy Warhol to X-Tube’ has been an international bestseller, focuses as much on history as on photographs and illustrations and paintings and it is the stronger for it. Clarke shows us beards from a gay perspective. In addition to his view on the clones of the 1970s and their recent return, the book includes interviews and facts about beards as well as photographs showing how erotic a man‘s beard can be.

Five of Fernando Carpaneda`s sculptures were published in the book "Mein Schwules Auge 13" (2016/2017). The book was made in Germany and has 320 pages. This is a fantastic book that shows the current homoerotic art scene around the world. The book is being sold in bookstores across Europe and also in the publisher's website as well as Edited by Rinaldo Hopf and Axel Schock.

"PISS IN THE FACE OF CONVENTION! A life of paint, sex and rock `n` roll". The very first time I met Fernando Carpaneda was in 2005, in an art group exhibition at the former CBGB club, in the city of New York. I was already familiar with parts of his work since it had been surrounded with so much politics and religion controversy in our country Brazil. Carpaneda is this giant man with very calm gestures, and an extremely polite tone of voice wrapped by a mature wit, he is responsible for these super special visual explicit sex-themed sculptures so rich in details, perfectly crafted to express his message. I was very intrigued by the person behind the mask of the artist. The"PISS IN THE FACE OF CONVENTION! A life of paint, sex and rock `n` roll" autobiography describes a very tumultuous journey from his hometown Brasilia to the artistic world playground arena, where perhaps Fernando has become a free man from all the ghosts of his past.