Fernando Carpaneda @ CBGB US Red Carpet Premiere Opening Night.

CBGB Music and Film Festival 2013 at Landmark Sunshine Cinema on October 8, 2013 in New York City.

Vinnie Wartlip Retrospective. CBGB`s Gallery - 2001.
Group Exhibition

May 23 - Jun 23,2001.

Vinnie Wartlip retrospective R.I.P 1972-2001. Vinnie Wartlip, gone but not forgotten. Paper Cut Gallery and Toedesign inc.are pround to present Vinnies paintings. Thanks to the generosity of the Wartlip Estate. Group Show: Randy Costanza, Shawn Kavanaugh, Adam Rider, Douglas W. Koepsel and Fernando Carpaneda from Brazil. CB`s 313 Gallery, 313 Bowery New York,NY 10003. Opening Wednesday May 1st from 6pm-8pm. The last day of the show is Friday May 24th. 
The Bowery Electric Festival. A Tribute to Joey Ramone - 2002.
Group Exhibition
​May 19 - Jun 19,2002.

Art show at CBGB`s Gallery in 2002 with Arturo Vega, Dee Ramone and others. Some of historical photos that I have of my works. My sculptures on display at CBGB`s windowns in 2002 along with the commemorative plaques that The Ramones won of ROCK N `ROLL HALL OF FAME that same year. That installation was part of the The Bowery Electric Festival exhibition celebrating Joey Ramone and was organized by Arturo Vega. Arturo was the artist who created the famous The Ramones logo. Also that art show had some of Dee Dee Ramone paintings for his last CD cover.The Bowery Electric Festival - Ramonesworld http://ramonesworld.com/festival/one/index.html 
Back to the Bowery - CBGB`s Gallery - New York - 2005.
Group Exhibition
​March 9 - April 8,2005.

​Colossal Art Exhibition MARCH 2005! BACK TO THE BOWERY rare never before exhibited 70's era photographs featuring: THE RAMONES THE DEAD BOYS & more by JOHN SANTANELLO Also original photographs featuring: THE VELVET UNDERGROUND & NICO ANDY WARHOL by famed photog BILLY NAME & presenting THE ARTWORK OF WALTER STEDING plus avant-garde violin and PUNKS,RENT BOYS, JUNKIES, THEIVES, and OUTCASTS sculptures by Brazilian artist FERNANDO CARPANEDA and Pioneer Punk Photographer ROBERTA BAYLEY also Rock and Roll Photographs and Pin-Ups by MARK SWEENEY and NYC STREET PHOTO by famed phantom photographer JOSH WERTHEIMER plus "The Man Who Shot the 70's" the infamous Mick Rock and In! terview Magazine/ Warhol Photographer Night Magazine founder and designer and builder of the electric painting machine Anton Perich It Happened in Monterey author and photograper ELAINE MAYES 1980's Nightlife Photographer SHARON SMITH The Mythic Punk and Beyond Photographer: GODLIS.