- Out Of Step: Art of the Counterculture. Trenton's Visual Arts Center. Trenton, NJ.
- Bi-Annual Instinct.Berlin, Edition #5. Self-Destruction Poetry. Berlin, Germany. 
- Fernando Carpaneda: New Portraits. MF Gallery, Brooklyn, NY. 
- London Erotic Art Show 2018. Copeland Gallery. London, UK. 
- SLÄP! Sticker Exhibition, STENCIBILITY Street Art Festival.Tartu, Estonia, EU. 
- Homem Objeto. XXX Arte Contemporanea, Brasilia, Brazil.


- NY Art Book Fair, Yo New York Magazine, MoMA PS1. New York,NY.
- "A Quotidian Life: Finding Beauty in the Ordinary" exhibition curated by Franklin Hill Perrell, former curator at the Nassau County Museum of Art. Jeanie Tengelsen Gallery, Long Island,NY.
- Seattle Erotic Art Festival 2017. Invited Artist. Seattle,USA.
- 58th Long Island Artists Exhibition, curated by Elizabeth Denny, Owner and Robert Dimin, Director of the Denny Gallery, 261 Broome St., NYC.

Fernando Carpaneda was named as a Juror's Choice for Visual Art at the 2016 Seattle Erotic Art Festival. "The Rebirth of Punk" sculpture was one of three pieces of art to receive the award.- Seattle Erotic Art Festival.Seattle,USA.
- National Museum of the Republic."Onde Anda a Onda 2" group exibition, represented by XXX Arte Contemporanea. Brazil,BR.
- Postcards From The Edge:Posters and Artwork of the NYC Punk Scene. Paintings,flyers and posters from the 1970's to the present. MF Gallery,New York,NY. 
- "Just Penis " (50 drawings of penises of 50 NY models), XXX Arte Contemporanea. Brazil,BR. 
- "Without Rules" (4-person show with Fernando Carpaneda, Jesse Mosher, Frank Russo & Miestorm Serpent). MF Gallery,New York,NY. 


- Stax:Visions of Soul. The Stax Museum of American Soul Music. Memphis.USA. 
- Ground-Breaking Art Installation, exploring the distressing condition of Body Dysmorphic Disorder, collaboration with artist Leigh de Vries - Old Market Gallery. Rotherham, England.UK
- Dirty Show 16. International Erotic Art Exhibition.Detroit, Michigan.USA.


- Violabox Art Gallery/MF Gallery, Genova, Italy.  
- Seattle Erotic Art Festival. Seattle.USA.
- ALL HAIL GWAR!” Dave Brockie Memorial Art Show at MF Gallery, Brooklyn, NY.
- Times Square. Digital billboard display in Times Square in the heart of NYC!
- Fernando Carpaneda, Frank Russo and Moses Jaen. MF Gallery, Brooklyn, New York.
- Snap to Grid - The Los Angeles Center For Digital Art. Los Angeles,LA. 
- 1 Model 100 Artists - White Cloth Gallery, Leeds, England. UK

-  Digital Video Presentation - Art Basel - SCOPE Art | See.Me | Booth G19. Miami.USA.

- The 2014 MF TOYS SHOW at MF Gallery, Brooklyn, New York.
- The Dirty Show 15.Russel Industrial Center. Detroit.USA.


- The "Story Of The Creative" Angel Orensanz Foundation. New York,NY.
- In the realm of Dreans and Fears - Longwood Art Gallery, The Bronx, New York,NY.
- Art Enology - Vivant Art Collection Gallery, Filadelfia, PA, USA.
- Erotic/Latin/Latina: Celebration - Antebellum Art Gallery, Hollywood, CA, USA.
- MF Gallery`s 10th Anniversary Group Show Extravaganza, Brooklyn, New York,NY.
- Motown to Def Jam:“Respect Yourself”, La Maison d'Art, Harlem, New York,NY.
- Motown to Def Jam:"Love Train", Strivers Gardens Gallery, Harlem, New York,NY.
- Motown to Def Jam:“Fight the Power” The Sol Studio, Harlem, New York,NY.
- Just Panic and Get it Over with, 287 Spring Gallery, Soho, New York,NY.
- Single Lauch Party, Club @ South Place Hotel Gallery, Londres, UK.
- The Rick Castro Fetish Exhibition, Antebellum Art Gallery, Hollywood, CA, USA.
​- The Dirty Show 14,International Erotic Art Exhibition-Bert's Warehouse Theater,Detroit, MI,USA.

- Art Takes Times Square - Group exhibition - Art works displayed at Times Square in giant screens bright LEDs during the opening of the exhibition Art Takes Times Square, New York.
- 144 Accomplices 12x12" - Gallery, Leon, Spain,EU.
- MF Gallery`s 10th Annual Halloween Art Show. MF Gallery - Brooklyn, New York,NY.
- SCOPE Art Fair/ART TAKES MIAMI/Art Basel- Miami,USA.
- Toy Show 2012 - MF Gallery,New York City, NY-USA.
- Almeida Prado Gallery - Arte de Brasilia em New York - Rubem Valentim Art Gallery, 508 Sul Cultural Place- Brasília, DF-Brazil.
- Artemenudo Gallery "144 Accomplices 12x12", Galicia,Spain,EU.

- "We are a Museum" - The Leslie Lohman Museum of Gay and Lesbian Art - Soho,New York,NY.
- Fernando Carpaneda.Queer.Punk. - The Leslie Lohman Foundation - Soho,New York,NY,USA.
- "Zombie Art Exhibition" - Long Beach,California,CA.
​- Ninth Halloween Art Show - MF Gallery - Brooklyn,NY.
- "Estranamore" - MF Gallery,Brooklyn,NY.
- The Fresh Fruit Festival Group Art Show - The Leslie Lohman Foundation,Soho,NY.
- "40oz Show" - MF Gallery,Brooklyn,NY.
- "Jayne County Modernist Party and Happening" - The Chelsea Hotel,New York,NY.

-"Jayne County Sex!Art!Music!" - Andy Warhol Superstars, Maine,USA.
- MF Gallery Genova "VOGLIO IL TUO TESCHIO",Italy,IT.
- ECCO – Espaço Cultural Contemporâneo"AOS VENTOS QUE VIRÃO....Brasília (1960-2010)"-Brasília, DF-Brazil.
- MF Gallery Brooklyn "I NEED YOUR SKULL", New York, USA.

-"SUPERNOVAS"-Andy Warhol Superstars & the Ante` Art Movement,Chelsea Hotel,New York, NY-USA.
-Art that Rocks-Clemente Soto Valez Cultural Center,New York, NY-USA.
-'Iconography of Mask'-Resistance Gallery,London,UK.
- "TREASURES OF GAY ART"-The Leslie Lohman Gay Art Foundation,New York, NY-USA.
- DIRTY SHOW-2009-International Erotic Art Exhibition-Bert's Warehouse Theater,Detroit, MI.
- MF Gallery Genova- Italy,IT.
- Art Renegades, Place Gallery,Las Vegas,Nevada-USA.
- Day of the Dead-Place Gallery,Las Vegas,Nevada-USA.
- The 2009 MF Toy Show-MF Gallery Brooklyn,New York, NY-USA.

- Bridge Art Fair Miami 2008- represented by The Barbara Ann Levy Gallery,Miami,E.U.A.
- The Erotic Heritage Museum,Las Vegas,Nevada,NV.
- The Cherry Grove Walk-MT-2008- curated by The Barbara Ann Levy Gallery, Fire Island,New York, NY-USA. 
- Gazelland Art Issue - Leo Kesting Gallery,New York City, NY-USA.
- Toy Show 2008-MF Gallery,New York City, NY-USA.
- “Todos Somos Um”- Armando Álvares Penteado Foundation,FAAP end ESMPU,Brasília,DF,Brazil.
​- PORTRAITS-Theater for the New City,New York City, NY-USA.
- Sixth Annual Halloween Art Show - MF Gallery,New York City, NY-USA.
- ‘The Gay Doll Museum’-20-21 Visual Arts Centre-Scunthorpe North Lincolnshire,UK.
- Art into Action-Action into Art-Theater for the New City,New York City, NY.USA.
- Zombies Attack Again - MF Gallery,New York City, NY-USA.
- The Part Art Show-Agni Gallery,New York City, NY-USA.
- Paint It! MF Gallery,New York City, NY-USA.
- Retrocoletiva-Frei Confaloni Art Gallery, Goiania, GO-Brazil.

- Fifth Annual Halloween Art Show- MF Gallery- New York City, NY-USA.
- MF Toys Show 2007, MF Gallery – New York City, NY-USA.
- Marcos Caiado Art Gallery – Goiânia –Brazil, GO.
- ENUDS – National University Meeting of Sexual Diversity, Anthropological Museum - Federal University of Goiás - Goiânia –Brazil, GO.

- Treasures of Gay Art - Curator Peter Weiermair.The Leslie Lohman Museum, New York,USA.

- “Back to the Bowery”- CB’s 313 Gallery- CBGB- Noho, New York City, NY-USA. 
- The Leslie Lohman the Gay Art Foundation, New York City, NY, USA.
- The Tom of Finland Foundation, “Erotic Art Fair”, New York City, NY.

- Dulcina University, Brasília, DF, Brazil.
- Art Renegades art collective, Las Vegas, Nevada-USA.

- Chromatose Underground, Las Vegas, Nevada-USA.
- Millennium Art Gallery, Camden Town, London,UK.
- Frei Confaloni Art Gallery, Goiania, GO-Brazil.

- CB's Gallery - CBGB - Noho, New York City, NY-USA.
- The Bowery Electric Festival - CBGB, Noho, New York City, NY-USA.
- Millennium Art Gallery - Camden Town, London, UK.

- Mocada Museum - Brooklyn, New York City, NY-USA.
- CB's Gallery - CBGB - Noho, New York City, NY-USA.
- National Fine Black Art - Puck Building - Savacou Gallery, New York City, NY-USA.

- Bienal Artshow 2000 - São João da Boa Vista, São Paulo, SP-Brazil.
- "A Lucidez Absoluta ou a Completa Insanidade" - Artshow at 508 Sul Cultural Place - Brasília, DF-Brazil.

-"Restos Humanos" - À Capitu Art Gallery, Brasília, DF-Brazil.
- Brazil and United States Association” ACBEU Art Gallery, Salvador, BA-Brazil.

- Santa Fe Art Gallery - Santa Fe Art show Competition , Goiania, GO-Brazil.

- “V Prêmio BEG” Competicion at Museum Of Contemporary Art of Goiania, GO-Brazil.
- Rubem Valentim Art Gallery, 508 Sul Cultural Place- Brasília, DF-Brazil.

- Art show at 508 Sul Cultural Place - Brasília, DF-Brazil.
- “BEG Competition” - Museum Of Contemporary Art of Goiania , GO-Brazil.
- “Kaleidoscope” Art Collective at Kavehaz The Gallery - New York City, NY-USA.
- Eleven Artists from Brasilia - ABA Gallery - New York City, NY-USA.

- Oscar Seraphico Art Gallery - Brasília, DF-Brazil.

- Anglo American Cultural Center, Brasilia, Brazil

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