Fernando Carpaneda Paintings Are Featured in the Book: "The Best of Punk Globe Magazine". This book includes stand-out interviews with Debbie Harry, Joe Dallesandro, Pauley Perrete and More! by Ginger Coyote. 

Ginger Coyote created Punk Globe Magazine in August 1977. She had seen a copy of the British fanzine Sniffing Glue and thought "Hey, I should do this!" San Francisco only had two music magazines and if you were not part of their clic, you got no exposure. Not only did she want to help underdog bands, she wanted to include people who attended the shows-sometimes they were the real entertainment. She also wanted to involve television and film. So in a way, Punk Globe Magazine was the original People Magazine. After the first couple of years the zine went from Xerox, to newsprint, to heavy stock, and eventually migrated to the Internet. The Best of Punk Globe.