Wilde Magazine was founded in 2012 with the goal of offering a queer perspective on life through art and writing. We are a bi-annual publication, available in both print and digital formats. We seek to not only offer a high-quality publication of art and literature, but to foster a communal and multimedia experience. Art and writing, culture itself, is not a mere showcase of talent, but rather a discussion. The nature of queer life, as well as an artistic life, is one centered around community. It's essential in our creative abilities and our rise against adversity. This struggle has been documented by gay artists and writers before us, such as the very one after which this magazine is christened - Oscar Wilde. We rely on your submissions for our success. We are nothing without the contribution of your voice to this ongoing discussion. We accept poetry, prose, creative nonfiction, and visual art. We want to showcase your talents to the world alongside like-minded individuals. We seek to enlighten others in the gay community, as well as our allies, on our diverse experiences and perspectives. Dear artists and writers, gay and straight, and everything in between - we hope that you take interest in our community, our cause, and that you would like to enter the discussion.